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New Student Registration

Enrollment. School System rules and procedures prohibit the enrollment of any child in the Sullivan County Schools unless the student is living with a parent/legal guardian who resides in the area served by the Sullivan County School System. Students are required to attend the school in the school zone in which they reside, except in certain limited circumstances in accordance with Procedure #3010.01. Failure of parents to notify the school’s administration immediately when they move could result in your child not being allowed to attend an out-of-zone school.

1. Proof of residence: The parent/guardian of every student will be required to provide proof of residency, such as, lease, real estate tax receipt, mortgage information, utility receipts, or the like. Residence may also be checked randomly from time to time, and students improperly attending out of zone will be required to return to their proper school.

2. Proof of Custody
a. Custody Issues: Only the residence of the parent with legal custody may be used for registration and attendance purposes. (T.C.A. 49-6-3103) In cases where parents have joint custody, only the address of the parent named as
the primary custodian or designated as having primary responsibility to determine educational issues may be used for registration and attendance purposes.
b. Power of Attorney for Child care (T.C.A. 34-6-302): Parents of a minor child may delegate to any adult person in this state temporary care-giving authority when hardship prevents the parent (s) from caring for the child.

Hardships are identified by law, as follows:

  1. The serious illness or incarceration of a parent or guardian;

  2. The physical or mental condition of the parent or legal guardian is such that care and

    supervision cannot be provided:

iii. The loss or un-inhabitability of the child’s home as the result of a natural disaster.

When one of the above hardships is applicable, the custodial parent (s) and the care giver must make an appointment to meet with the principal of the school in the school zone of the care giver and present the properly completed power of attorney, in order to make arrangement for school attendance. Circumstances not listed above and identified by law as allowable hardships, should be referred to the appropriate court for change of custody.

3. Education Documentation

Got Grit?

Indian Springs Elementary teachers, staff, and principal encourage students and each other to persevere, work hard, and have grit. Our theme this year is "Got Grit? ISE Does!" Fourth graders discussed what it looks like to have grit and created t-shirts that will inspire and remind them to do their best always. It's going to be a great year for the Redskins!


dream Team.jpg

Look whose playing?

Look whose playing?
indiansp.jpg indian.jpg

Indian Springs Elementary School
333 Hill Road
Kingsport, Tn
Phone: 423-354-1685
Fax: 423-354-1691

Principal - Ms. Karen Nave

Assistant - Ms. Kerry Lancaster

School Hours :
First Bell-8:00 - Tardy Bell 8:10
Students Excused Starting at 3:10

Students allowed in building @ 7:45AM

On 2 hour snow delay @ 9:45AM

Dates to Remember

December 9th - 3rd Grade Christmas Play - 9AM School Gym - 7PM School Gym

                          ART Show 5 - 7 at School

Dec 16 - Faculty Christmas Breakfast

Dec 19th  1/2 Day of School Christmas Break

Jan 7th  School in Session

Jan 19th - Winter Break


Cafeteria Christmas Meal - Dec 10th


Sweet Potato Patty


Mac and Cheese

Green Beans


Ice Cream

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Latest Newspaper
Posted by: Tim Dale
Published: 12/4/14

School Handbook 2014-2015
Posted by: Tim Dale
Published: 8/4/14

Here Are Easy Links for School Fundraising!

Food City : Click Here

Target : Click Here

Ingles : Click Here

Office Depot : Click Here


During the 2013-14 academic year, Indian Springs Elementary students helped the Sullivan County 4-H program reach a goal of collecting 500 pounds of plastic for recycling. ISE collected 498 pounds of plastic. The efforts of ISE4-H along with the UT/TSU Extension Office in Blountville diverted 705 total pounds of plastic from local landfills, instead sending the plastic to the Trex company to be reused as an ingredient in composite building materials.


Look who's enjoying the TREX bench! Annie Grace Milam, Marleigh Pendleton, Chloe Nelson, Seth Robinette and Sophia Milam.



Blue Grass in the Springs!

Indian Springs Elementary music class got a live Bluegrass performance in honor of Rhythm and Roots. Students learned the history of Bluegrass and Bluegrass instruments while receiving hands on experience performing with the band. Thank you to the Powers Family and ETSU Bluegrass student Colton Powers for your time.


ISES Calendar

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This is what all your box tops and soup labels can buy!

This is what all your box tops and soup labels can buy!

Refunding Dates

Tuesday September 30
Tuesday November 18
Tuesday January 27
Tuesday March 31
Tuesday May 12

ALS ICE Bucket Challenge

ALS ICE Bucket Challenge

And Another.....

And Another.....